Thank you for your willingness to administer the NFTE Entrepreneurial Mindset Assessment (EMA) to your students. The EMA is a new instrument designed to assess the impacts of NFTE’s programs on the students who participate in them. Designed as a pre-post assessment (the post-test is administered at the end of the NFTE course), the EMA focuses on the development of an entrepreneurial mindset—, a key constellation of skills, orientations and habits of mind that NFTE hopes to instill in students through its curriculum.


Whether students follow an entrepreneurial career path or not, we believe these skills and orientations will help them become successful in whatever they choose to do.


The EMA consists of fifty-three items covering ten skills believed to be associated with an entrepreneurial mindset. These are followed by several items that ask about prior experience and interest in entrepreneurship. The survey concludes with a number of demographic questions.


Please select the program office you work with from the drop down and instruct students accordingly.


Fall Post-Survey (Close Date: June 13, 2014)

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