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At 8 years-old, Natasha watched the Academy Awards on TV and drew the red carpet fashions she saw, changing them to suit her own ideas. At 13, she enrolled in a pre-college design class

at the Fashion Institute of Technology. At 14, armed with a work permit, she discovered that New York City stores were only hiring 16 and 18 year olds. She put her experience of reading

D.A.M. Companies, LLC

Denton Malcolm, also known as “Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor,” took NFTE at Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School in 1994.  Of his schools days, Denton remembers, “Life was great. I was the president and captain of all the major organizations at school—I just wanted to know how to market myself as an artist.” So Denton enrolled in a NFTE course, to learn just that.

Global Young Entrepreneurs of 2013

NFTE is proud to honor the
Global Young Entrepreneurs


As the world becomes more environmentally aware, consumers are growing more dependent on reusable water bottles.  For those who want flavored water, however, the options are still limited to commercially packaged beverages.  That’s where Juicy comes in, the innovative brainchild of Galit Tassi and Dvir Dvidovich.

Foster Friends

Lindy Carty’s mother runs a shop called Knit Fit that offers knitting and crafting classes to the public. Now, thanks to Lindy, it offers one more.


Jordan Anderson describes his life before NFTE as pretty laid back, acknowledging that, like many teenagers, he lacked “drive.”  When the opportunity to take the course presented itself, he thought it would be something easy he could just fly through and be done with.

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By Amy Rosen

I had a wonderful experience today helping chart the course for bringing financial literacy to all young Americans. I joined the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability in presenting our findings to President Obama.

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