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On Tuesday, November 18, the three finalists in NFTE's National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge met President Obama in the White House. 

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New York Metro Start Up Summer

Registration for this event has closed!

If you would still like to attend, please contact Angela Cruz, Development & Events Associate for NFTE New York Metro, at (212) 232-3333, ext: 392 or via email at

Elaborate Dips

Since she was a little girl, Stephanie Foxworth has dreamed of owning multiple businesses. One of her most ambitious plans involved building an amusement park. When that proved a bit beyond the parameters of the NFTE BizCamp she was taking, she focused on one component of it: making and selling chocolate covered apples.

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The following is a Q&A with NFTE Bay Area Board Member Dean Sivara; Mr. Sivara is the Vice President of Ideation for the Global Business Incubator at SAP.

Why are you involved with NFTE?

I have been involved with NFTE for 2 years. The organization focuses on introducing entrepreneur principles to under-privileged kids, which is an excellent cause to promote technology and entrepreneurship to kids who don’t have many resources in their young lives.

What motivates you?

Helping young people obtain more insights into how to start a business. Helping young people achieve business goals and push towards entering college.

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