Entrepreneurship and Being Future Ready

“It’s no secret that we are living in a rapidly changing economy that creates challenges for employers and educators alike,” says Kevin English, Director of Network Design at NAF, a national network of education, business, and community leaders who work together to ensure that high school students are college, career, and future ready. “The future workforce will be vastly  different from the one we know today. New jobs are being created just as quickly as they are being replaced by technology. How do we prepare students to take on jobs that don’t exist yet?”

That focus on the future of work is critical, and it’s fueled a new partnership between NFTE and NAF that makes NFTE’s award-winning entrepreneurship curriculum available to more students through NAF’s national network.

Sandy Weill, chairman emeritus of Citigroup, founded NAF in 1982 as an innovative solution to extend the shallow pool of skilled candidates to fill openings in the growing finance industry. What began as one academy in New York has grown to more than 600 academies nationwide—focusing on viable industries including: finance, hospitality and tourism, informational technology, engineering, and health sciences. NAF believes that ALL young people deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential—regardless of demographics or socioeconomic background—and partners with school districts that primarily serve low-income and underserved students to achieve this goal.

In addition to NAF’s focus on career education, NAF is committed to  building college and career readiness skills that can be applied  to  any industry, even those that don’t exist yet. That’s why NAF is partnering with NFTE to offer NFTE’s entrepreneurship curriculum to all NAF academies across the country.

According to Millennial Branding, one in three U.S. employers seek entrepreneurial experience in new hires. By offering the NFTE curriculum to NAF academies serving 100,000 students across the country, more students will have access to the knowledge they need to create a successful future and an entrepreneurial mindset to compete in an innovative economy. The NFTE resources now available to NAF academies have been vetted and approved for NAFTrack Certification– a premiere industry recognized credential that paves the way for NAF graduates to connect with some of the country’s top companies for preferred hiring opportunities throughout their careers. Contact a NFTE office near you for access to the curriculum.