Welcome to the NFTE St. Louis Volunteer Page!


We are pleased and grateful that you have decided to sign up as a NFTE volunteer. Our students often tell us that working with professionals who volunteer of their time is a highlight of the program. Volunteers are a key success ingredient to every great NFTE program. So thank you for giving your time and talent to NFTE students!

We have four primary volunteer roles. Brief descriptions of each role can be found here:

  • Guest Speaker
    Guest speakers facilitate a 45-minute to 1-hour lesson or present a topic of their choice (based on teacher request) to complement the NFTE curriculum. As business professionals and entrepreneurs, guest speakers provide added dimension to our students’ learning by offering fresh perspectives, which connect classroom learning to real-life business experiences. Topics range from academic and professional paths to industry expert information.
  • Business Plan Coach
    Coaches advise small groups or individual students on how to improve their business plans, providing overall feedback and industry focused advice or best business practices. Coaches help students not only fully develop their ideas, financials, marketing plans and other components of the plan but also assist students in public speaking and presentation skills and preparing students for questions they will get in their classroom or citywide competitions.
  • Business Plan Judge
    The culminating event of every NFTE program is a competition. Through this opportunity, students present their business plans before an audience and a panel of volunteer judges. Judges listen, ask questions, and evaluate each presentation. Judges, who are entrepreneurs and business professionals, offer students a realistic perspective of their business plans. Judges are needed for individual classroom competitions as well as citywide and regional competitions/showcases/pitch contests.
  • Field Trip Host 
    One of the best ways to expose young people to business concepts is to have them visit a business and meet the people who make it happen. Field trips give students the chance to observe practitioners in job functions such as finance, human resources, marketing, and sales.  As a field trip host, you would welcome a group students to your business and speak to them about how your business works. These sessions may include a panel discussion, lunch with a senior-level executive or group of employees, and/or a tour of the facility..

Volunteer Training
Please sign up for a volunteer webinar. We offer several opportunities per month to participate, and are available at any time to answer additional questions. To sign up for a webinar, please click here

Please choose which type of volunteer you are, New or Active:
  • If you are a new volunteer, you will need to fill in information about yourself in order to enter our volunteer portal and select various volunteer opportunities. These steps are really important, for the safety of our students and the quality of our programs. 
  • There will be three pages to fill out about your personal contact information and prior volunteer experience.  This will take about 5-10 minutes. 
  • Please note you will need the contact information for two references: an emergency contact as well as a personal reference, preferably from another organization where you have volunteered. 
  • If you would like to be a business plan coach, you will need to fill out a background check. 
  • IMPORTANT – Office Selection: Once you have clicked through to the background check, you will need to select a NFTE office location. Since we do not have an official office in St. Louis yet, please select the general Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship option (120 Wall Street New York, NY).  
  • Once you submit for your background check, you can expect to hear back from a NFTE staff person in 2 to 5 business days. 


If you are an active volunteer, welcome back! You will be able to log in right away and sign up for the volunteer roles in any of our St. Louis partner schools. If you would like a refresher on volunteer training and roles, please feel free to sign up for a volunteer webinar. 

 This short video shows more about our St. Louis programs: