Who's the Boss? When Jobs Are Scarce, the Kids Are
The Wall Street Journal, March 16, 2011

By Sue Shellenbarger

The lemonade stand. For some teens, this summertime staple is no longer a pastime, it's a profit center.

An estimated 120,000 kids in 31 cities are expected to attend one-day entrepreneur-training events in May, called Lemonade Day. The program, launched in 2007 with 2,600 participants, teaches children and teens how to borrow and repay investors who help start their stands, and what to do with profit, including donating some to charity, says founder Michael Holthouse, a Houston philanthropist.

With summer approaching, an increasing number of high-schoolers around the country are preparing to launch their own start-ups—and not just lemonade stands. With lawn-mowing businesses, hand-painting of tennis shoes or Bosnian-language computer repairs, teens are bucking long odds in the dismal job market and earning their own mall money or cash for college.

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