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About The Competition

NFTE’s World Series of Innovation is an online, project-based competition that asks small teams of young entrepreneurs (ages 14-23) to create business solutions that align with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and answer a special challenge posed by an entity from the private sector. Young innovators from across the globe are encouraged to enter the competition every fall and compete for cash prizes. Some teams compete independently, some are affiliated with schools or youth development organizations, and some undertake a challenge as a guided classroom project. Educators who are interested in using the World Series of Innovation in the classroom or encouraging student participation as an extracurricular enrichment opportunity can access a robust toolkit that provides additional resources for students and teachers.


Last Year’s Competition

When asked to apply the entrepreneurial mindset to Sustainable Development Goals, young people rose to the challenge. Here is sample of winning ideas:

  • In response to The Moody’s Foundation Good Jobs Challenge; Sustainable Development Goal #8, Decent Work and Economic Growth:
    • Tie-In Project: a company that works to diversify the tech industry, by contracting students to lead social media projects for tech companies
  • In response to the Coca-Cola Clean Water Challenge; Sustainable Development Goal #6, Clean Water and Sanitation:
    • Concilio Water: Water bottles connected to an online game; game triggers a charitable donation for each water trivia question that a customer answers correctly
  • In response to the Mastercard Refugee Challenge; Sustainable Development Goal #9, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure:
    • ReThinking Refuge: A system that allows refugees to provide an ID based on a finger scan


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