How We Do It

NFTE offers schools and partners a unique combination of high-impact student programs with exceptional teacher training and support. The result? Entrepreneurship changes the lives of young people.

NFTE Entrepreneurship Pathway

An Innovative Road to Success

In an innovation economy, there are no traditional paths to success. To activate the entrepreneurial mindset in young people, NFTE’s Pathway begins with igniting the imagination and takes students through the journey of creating and refining an original business concept. Students are guided by NFTE’s expert entrepreneurial Teacher Corps, and supported by entrepreneurs and successful business people.

Students then take the stage in NFTE’s renowned business plan competition series, presenting to esteemed judges. Throughout the Pathway, students earn recognition of the skills and concepts they are mastering, ultimately having the opportunity to earn the first-ever industry-recognized credential to certify entrepreneurial mindset and startup skills.

  • Awareness

  • World Series of Innovation

    A global, online experience where students create business solutions aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Venture

    A digital experience introducing students to entrepreneurship through the process of building a virtual food truck business

  • Exposure

  • Exploring Careers

    An introduction to entrepreneurship, laying the groundwork for academic, career, and life success

    In School
  • Startup Tech

    A blended tech-entrepreneurship course where students create an app and corresponding business plan

    In School
  • Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship 1

    An award-winning course, focused on activating the entrepreneurial mindset as well as creating and pitching an original business plan

    In School
  • BizCamp™

    Entrepreneurship 1, delivered as a multi-week learning experience

    Out of School

Student Demographics

As the entrepreneurship community recognizes the need for greater inclusivity, NFTE is laying the groundwork for a new generation of diverse entrepreneurs.


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