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Below you'll find some interesting facts about NFTE and its operations around the world.

1.1M+ young people impacted since NFTE’s founding

$19.4M annual budget

70 Staff

NFTE was founded in 1987 by New York City entrepreneur turned high school teacher, Steve Mariotti.

Headquartered in New York City, NFTE operates programs across the Unites States through a network of local offices in Baltimore/Washington Metro, Bay Area, Chicago Metro, Florida, Los Angeles Metro, New England, New York Metro, North Texas, Philadelphia Metro, and St. Louis Metro. Find out more about our program offices.

NFTE also operates programs via 8 international partners in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Find out more about our partners across the globe.

NFTE’s high-school curriculum has received several prestigious awards, including the 2002 Golden Lamp Award and the 2010 Distinguished Achievement Award for Math Grades 9–12, both awarded by the Association of Education Publishers.

Student Demographics

As the entrepreneurship community recognizes the need for greater inclusivity, NFTE is laying the groundwork for a new generation of diverse entrepreneurs.


Research & Reports

As the world leader in youth entrepreneurship education, NFTE has a deep commitment to understanding our own impact and providing knowledge and resources to mobilize a community to create the entrepreneurial generation. See our On Ramp to Opportunity report (December 2017) and our latest whitepaper Measuring Entrepreneurial Mindset in Youth (November 2018).

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