Welcome to the Resource Section for NFTE Teachers!

NFTE Teacher Professional Development

Our teachers have access to a variety of professional development opportunities, learning workshops and teaching tools, such as:

NFTE E-Learning Workshops

These 90-minute web-casts focus on experiential learning activities that provide teachers with tools to enhance their teaching of NFTE, allow them to connect with other educators to share best practices and offer any additional help they may need.

Professional Development Seminars

NFTE coaches teachers, provides lesson plans and management tools, and encourages collaboration between instructors to address challenges and share successes. Topics range from implementing experiential lessons plans to engaging volunteers from the corporate community in the NFTE classroom.

Existing teachers can log into Connect to access all of these great resources.

Anyone can purchase the NFTE curriculum - visit our online store for more information.

National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

Each fall, the winners of NFTE’s regional business plan competitions are invited to participate in our national competition. This year about 30 young people presented their business plans and competed for a prize package worth $25,000. The presentations by this year’s finalists are great tools to use in your classrooms as a model for your students as they prepare for classroom competitions.

World Series of Innovation

Start the school year off right and inspire some creative innovation in your classroom! The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship’s World Series of Innovation is a fun, experiential classroom activity that allows students to think creatively and invent new products that address every-day opportunities. Best of all this competition gives your students the chances to win prizes and awards too!