Jill McNamara
Lowell, MA
Lowell High School
NFTE New England

As a NFTE educator, Jill McNamara realizes the importance of showing her students about learning by doing. When her students began their work on their business plans, Jill decided she would go through the process right alongside them. While her students working on their businesses, Jill created her business, “Mac’s Snack Shack” for three reasons: to reinforce her knowledge, see where the students were struggling as she found her own struggles, and to keep an appropriate pace with the subject matter. In the end, she learned how to better pace for student ability, and after teaching through her experience, she is better enabled to adapt her learning for each individual student business. With 100% of her students completing their business plans and feeling a sense of accomplishment, she has deemed her experiment a success.


Jill was honored as a Global Enterprising Educator of the Year at NFTE's Global Showcase in March, 2015.