President and CEO

Shawn K. Osborne

Today, Shawn is applying his personal experience to his passion for entrepreneurship and a professional record of business success as President and CEO of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) – which teaches the entrepreneurial mindset to young people and provides the tools and attitudes to overcome adversity and address future personal, economic, community and global challenges.

April 25, 2012  |  85 comments

NFTE's Dare to Dream Auction is now closed.
Thank you to everyone who supported the auction, and Congratulations to our winning bidders!

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March 13, 2012  |  0 comments

You have the mindset and the ideas but how can one avoid experiencing entrepreneurial burnout? There are many ways to keep engaged and motivated, but here are some suggestions from proven entrepreneurs via the Young Entrepreneur Council:

Follow the 90/10 Rule

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Amy Rosen

Amy is an expert on the global challenges facing youth and employment. She is passionate about the need to provide all young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a successful future. A recognized expert in education and systemic change, she brings to this work a deep belief in the entrepreneurial mindset. Empowering young people to seek education and opportunity has been at the core of much of her work.  

For Administrators

NFTE is committed to re-engaging students who are at risk of dropping out and putting them on a path to graduation.

Our award-winning, innovative and experiential program teaches young people critical skills such as reading, writing and math while they learn the steps to write and defend a business plan based on their own original idea.

Our Impact

At NFTE, we believe that entrepreneurship education for all youth will grow the global economy and provide opportunities for young people to own their future.

Entrepreneurship education is the fundamental tool for creating an ongoing cycle of learning and innovation that will bring sustainable job creation and re-creation. Young people face historic increases in joblessness, an unemployment rate that is three times higher than that of adults, and a rapidly shifting economy.

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