NFTE Alum Profile- Javon G & Michael H

Javon Gholston & Michael Heier Jr.
Power To The PCB – Baltimore, MD
Javon G & Mike H Power To The PCBPower To The PCB is an electronics repair business co-founded by Javon and Michael a

NFTE Alum Profile- Yoanna R & Tamara R

Yoanna Rodriguez & Tamara Rodriguez
Star Athletes – Lawrence, MA

NFTE Alum Profile- Cristina L

Cristina Lawson 
Kinetic - San Jose, CA
Cristina L KineticCristina was online, searching for a new phone charger, when an idea struck her.

NFTE Alum Profile- Ramsey B & Jacob K

Jacob Katz & Ramsey Benzina
Jams Music Group – Alexandria, VA
Ramsey B & Jacob K Jams Music GroupRamsey and Jacob were taking the NFTE class together when they came up with a big idea.

NFTE Alum Profile- Samantha F & Sharlyn M

Samantha Faxon & Sharlyn McClendon
Your City Gold Card – Hayward, CA

Samantha F & Sharlyn M Your City Gold Card

NFTE Alum Profile- Emily R

Emily Raney
Alloy Interp – Dallas, TX
Emily Raney Alloy InterpEmily Raney’s business had humble beginnings.

NFTE Alum Profile- Jacob T

Jacob Tiemann
SneakerTrade – Ferguson, MO
Jacob Tiemann SneakerTradeIf you love sneakers, you k

NFTE Alum Profile- Jason R

Jason Ramadan
Cliff Fall – Coral Springs, FL
Jason R Cliff FallCreated out of a desire to design a fun product that allows people to let off steam (without breaking the bank), Jason Ramadan and his cousin developed Cliff Fall: a highly original and “addictive” iOS-compatible game app with a personalized can add your face to the “ragdoll” that tumbles down the c

NFTE Alum Profile- Ryan H

Ryan Hyde
Ignited Innovation – Painesville, OH
Ryan H Ignited InnovationsIgnited Innovations is the provider of environmentally conscious, cement, home décor products that can hold plants, candles and even flame!  Ryan first thought of the idea for his cement creation one night while sitting on the deck of his house.

NFTE Alum Profile- Patrick R & Faith Z

Patrick Rogers & Faith Zavala
4:13 Supply Co. – Fresno, CA

Patrick R & Faith Z 4:13 Supply Co.

120 Wall Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10005