NFTE Alum Profile- Hariella L & Desiree M

Hariella Lawson & Desiree Michel
TeenWork – Brooklyn, NY
TeenWork is a mobile app that assists teenagers with finding summer opportunities such as internships, volunteer work, clubs or enrichment programs.

NFTE Alum Profile- Armani T

Armani Tomlinson
Keejah Custom Cases – Bridgeport, CT
Armani T Keejah Custom CasesArmani had a problem.

NFTE Alum Profile- Elijah J

Elijah Jobe
HoopDreamz – Los Angeles, CA
HoopDreamz Elijah JElijah kept butting up against the same problem- every time he would go to a park to play basketball, there was never anyone there to play with.

NFTE Alum Profile- Alyssa B & Aviva G

Alyssa Brennan & Aviva Grimmett – Plantation, FL
BloodBand Alyssa B & Aviva GBloodBand, co-founded by Alyssa and Aviva, is a company focused on helping treat people with diabetes by

NFTE Alum Profile- Justin G & William L

Justin Godby & William Leach
GetYourHeat – Washington, DC

NFTE Alum Profile- Rohit P

Rohit Pellai
Reserve My Spot – Tucker, GA
Rohit P Reserve My SpotRohit was a participant in NFTE’s World Series of Innovation Microsoft App Challenge for school improvement.

NFTE Alum Profile- Kenneth H

Kenneth Huertas
A Touch of Eco – Downey, CA
Kenneth H A Touch Of EcoKenneth always felt he had an entrepreneurial mindset, but when he began taking the NFTE course suddenly his ideas started to co

NFTE Alum Profile- Crystal S

Crystal Sanchez
Guardian Locket – Lawndale, CA
Crystal S Guardian LocketEver since discovering that one of her closest friends had been raped in college, Crystal has been on a mission to end sexual

NFTE Alum Profile- Alexandria R

Alexandria Rodriguez
HealthyMe – Jamaica, NY
Alexandria R HealthyMeLike a lot of girls, Alexandria found herself becoming more and more self-conscious about her weight as she started high sch

NFTE Alum Profile- Urbana A & Jannatul R

Urbana Anam & Jannatul Rowshan
UrbanAlifa Hijabs – Queens, NY
Urbana A & Jannatul R UrbanAlife HijabsUrbana and Jannatul, two Muslim young women who proudly practice their religion (Islam)

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