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“It is entrepreneurs who represent the best hope of creating sustained economic growth around the world. Students who can develop the entrepreneurial mindset early on are going to have a distinct advantage, whether economic conditions are weak or strong.”– MARIA PINELLI, GLOBAL VICE CHAIR,STRATEGIC GROWTH MARKETS, ERNST & YOUNG GLOBAL LTD. & CHAIRMAN, NFTE BOARD OF DIRECTORS

NFTE released a new white paper, “Your Assignment: Grow the Global Economy,” at the World Economic Forum 2013 annual meeting in Davos today. It outlines the rationale for expanding the outreach of entrepreneurship education to combat the trend of youth unemployment.

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August 27, 2012  |  15 comments

How can a college degree statistically improve your odds of finding a job? Look at this job growth data for people with a high school diploma, some college, or bachelor’s degree via Whitney Tilson.

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Entrepreneurs are known for thinking outside of the box. More and more, they are doing just that when it comes to choosing where to attend graduate school. 

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What are some habits that all successful bootstrappers have?

Several successful entrepreneurs responded to this very question, posed by the Young Entrepreneur Council. Each entrepreneur elaborated on how one important trait, practice, or skill has proven beneficial to both themselves and fellow bootstrappers.

Invest Wisely

"One of the biggest mistakes you can make is spending your initial cash infusions on things that don't help create more cash infusions.

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By: Kristen Meredith

The role of technology in education has been frequently discussed over the past several months. Though the internet is already utilized in many educational settings, many believe that America is on the brink of an education revolution in which new digital platforms will transform our educational system.

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Glee actress Jane Lynch is determined to help students navigate their college payment options and manage student debt. Lynch recently launched the National College Finance Center, a non-profit website designed to help students navigate their loan options.

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Your smartphone is capable of serving more roles than ever: navigator, research tool, newspaper… even financial adviser? Absolutely: with several money management apps already available, the Treasury Department’s MyMoneyAppUp Challenge is looking to both programmers and the public at large for new, innovative ideas that can bring more financial services to our fingertips.

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Congratulations to NFTE Graduate Taylor Penny from Los Angeles. She'll attend Washington State University this fall. Taylor had an opportunity to visit the school thanks to Southwest Airlines and the Showing LUV campaign. She's LUVing her future thanks to NFTE and Southwest.

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May 14, 2012  |  12 comments

When it comes to financial literacy, most Americans are alarmingly uninformed. According to a 2009 study, adults earned only a C grade when their financial acumen was assessed, little better than high school students, who mainly received failing grades. In this Huffington Post article, Randi Weingarten explores the opportunities that exist to increase financial literacy across the United States.

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