What is Make Your Job?
Make Your Job is an intensive, national program led by Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the Citi Foundation.  In 2014, Make Your Job empowered young people in 10 U.S. cities to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and business skills needed to make their own job and succeed in the modern workforce.   
50 young people in Los Angeles and New York City took part in Statup Summer, NFTE’s business accelerator program. An additional 350 young people in Baltimore, Bridgeport (CT), Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Newark, San Francisco's Bay Area, and Washington, D.C. took part in NFTE BizCamps® where they developed an entrepreneurial mindset and the business skills needed to not only launch a business but also succeed in life. These efforts were aided by the expertise of Citi employees who contributed their time as mentors, volunteers, and business plan judges. 
Finally, an online youth community was also launched at MakeYourJob.org to bring the power of entrepreneurship to tens of thousands of additional young people across the country. 
This seems like a large investment for a relatively limited number of students per region – what do these investments entail?
NFTE summer programs are highly intensive experiences for young people.  BizCamps® include field trips and small financial grants to each student for business endeavors.  The program also includes copies of NFTE's curriculum and all meals and supplies.  It must be taught by a NFTE certified teacher and therefore provides summer employment for those teachers.  At the program’s conclusion, the students also compete for financial awards of up to $1,000 each to fund their business or further educational needs.  
NFTE’s Startup Summer program provides all the resources a young person, who has completed NFTE’s first course, needs to bring their business idea to reality.  All basic business startup costs are covered by the program.  The program also acts as the students’ summer job, with each student receiving a stipend for participation, and NFTE certified teachers are employed to run the program.  At the end of the program, the participants also vie for additional financial resources for their businesses.  
How will students be selected for these programs? Who are these kids and how are they targeted?
All NFTE programs serve young people in low and moderate income neighborhoods.  Students will be recruited through community partners serving the same youth population or from schools offering NFTE.  NFTE only offers its program to schools with at least a 51% Free and Reduced Meal rate and our national average is 74%.  
How were these regions picked? Where new programs are being created, why did you choose to expand into these cities and not others?
With this effort, Citi Foundation demonstrates its commitment to supporting best in class programs that have already demonstrated their efficacy in reaching low to moderate income youth. These regions were picked because NFTE is active in these areas already and wants to serve more young people in our current service markets.  All NFTE regions have executed BizCamps® in prior summers so this partnership is expanding opportunities for young people in those communities.  Startup Summer was piloted for two summers by NFTE’s New York Metro regional team, and in 2014 it was scaled to triple the participants in the region.  Los Angeles was chosen to locally pilot Startup Summer in 2014 because the office was already planning to explore business accelerator support and the staff capacity was present to execute this very intensive program.  Startup Summer will be expanded to 1-2 additional cities in 2015.
How will NFTE determine the effect of the entrepreneurial mindset index? Is there a plan for tracking students in the future? How will NFTE measure success?
Students in both summer programs completed NFTE’s entrepreneurial mindset assessment at both the beginning of the programs and their conclusions.  This assessment measures direct impact on indicators such as opportunity recognition, perseverance, comfort with risk and adaptability among others.  Every two years, NFTE conducts a survey of our alumni and through this effort we will be able to track the future educational, workforce and entrepreneurial progress of Make Your Job summer program participants.
How does this initiative address youth unemployment concerns at the city level?
Make Your Job allowed students to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and business skills needed to create their own career opportunities and succeed in the modern workforce. 
In 2014, the impact of this initiative bolstered the efforts of participating cities to address the growing challenge of youth unemployment and a young population that is increasingly disconnected – neither in school nor at work, Students participating in NFTE programs have been shown to:
  • Be twice as likely to be self-employed entrepreneurs (22% vs.11%)
  • Have higher rates of employment (88% vs. 69%)  and income ($44,000 vs. $24,000)
  • Have higher rates of high school diploma attainment (at 99% vs. a national average of 85%) 
  • Have higher school enrollment rates than their peers (90% vs. 60%) 
How are Citi employees involved?
Citi volunteers play an active role in the implementation of Startup Summer and BizCamp programs by giving their time and expertise through service and mentorship. Citi employees across the country serve in a variety of positions, including: advisors, mentors, coaches, judges, guest speakers, and field trip hosts. 
When do the programs operate?
While exact program dates vary by region, BizCamps occur in the months of May through August.  Startup Summer is a longer program that runs from the summer through October. MakeYourJob.org launched in May 2014. 
Where can we find more information on Make Your Job?
To learn more about the Make Your Job initiative, visit www.nfte.com or www.makeyourjob.org