“Opportunity Recognition in my Own Life”

January 22, 2013  |  14 comments

How I found my NFTE business idea.

By Maxine Colon
NFTE New England Student

My name is Maxine Colon and I'm currently a NFTE student, attending the BusinessTechnology Program at Keefe Tech in Framingham, MA. During shop, my NFTE teacher Mrs. Ellis introduced the NFTE Business Plan and encouraged us to start thinking of business ideas which was not as easy as it sounds! I started talking with friends and I hadn’t even connected my real life to this course. Yet!

That same month, I was searching for a job. As I was doing so I kept running into problems. There was always something that would get in the way. I ended up applying at a Big Lots and, after filling out an application, was told that I had to be 18 because I needed to use a box cutter and I wasn't the legal age.  Another job I applied for was at Market Basket.  There I kept having to go back and forth to try to get my application in. I was told to come back that week or a week later. It was so frustrating. As this frustration increased, I was desperate to find a job and feeling as if it was never going to happen. Was there someone, somewhere to help?

I went online and looked up employment for teens and not one of the websites helped me. The jobs were either too far away or didn't interest me at all.  There was no help with how to best apply and no one to talk to about how to help. And then, right in the middle of all this frustration and thinking, my idea to start an employment resource website for teens was born. This is not just any website, but a website that would allow teens to connect with others, gain valuable advice, and have fun while searching for a job. As a result, I am starting my business plan in my NFTE class. My site will help teens from the age of 14-19 find jobs, and so much more. Vistiors to the site will find great tips on what to do before and during the interview and even templates to help teens create resumes. All this would be modern, but professional. I would also have a blog on the site where teens could post and update others and myself about how the job search was going and if any questions popped up they could ask and have other teens help answer them and support everyone on their journey to success. And lastly, I would have the story of why I am doing this.  I think all teens should have a place where they can feel comfortable and know that there are others out there going through the same thing.

What I am missing for my NFTE business and website is a name.  Any ideas??  Please comment below if you have some ideas.

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