A Priceless Partnership

January 17, 2014  |  14 comments

NFTE Fairchester (Fairfield County CT & Westchester County NY) students in PortChester High School enjoy a special partnership with the business professionals at MasterCard, whose corporate headquarters is a mere five minutes down the road from their school. MasterCard and PortChester High School are partnered through the NFTE Adopt-a-School program, now in its second year.

For the 155 fortunate NFTE students in PortChester High School, this translates to valuable access to knowledgeable, forward-thinking, personable volunteers. These volunteers work with them in their classrooms and provide a wealth of expertise as business ideation mentors, business plan coaches, expert topical speakers, and business plan judges.

Most recently, 17 PortChester students visited MasterCard headquarters for the second annual Holiday Sales Event. Students arrived at MasterCard Headquarters at 10:00 AM and began their day with a sales workshop led by two vibrant and knowledgeable members of the sales team.

Students purchased goods for this sale during a trip to the NYC Wholesale District about a month earlier, with funds provided by NFTE. Their objective: to sell their merchandise to MasterCard employees during peak lunch hours, as they exited the corporate cafeteria.

Students set up their merchandise at designated tables positioned alongside the pathway from the cafeteria. Several members of the MasterCard sales team stood behind the student tables coaching them on their sales techniques during the event. They smiled, shook hands, hawked their wares and wrote out receipts for buyers to present to the payment processors (two NFTE headquarters employees) who charged all purchases to the employees’ MasterCard accounts.

This experience was not only priceless, but cashless as well, thanks to Simplify Commerce, a MasterCard e-Commerce platform.

As the lunch wave waned, so did the students’ inventory. Sales were brisk and tables were looking empty; a good thing. Students boarded the bus back to school around 2:00 PM, richer in so many ways, with some parting advice from our MasterCard friends: bring more inventory next year.

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