Accidental Inspiration

December 3, 2012  |  4 comments

Written by: Kate Materese

One of the most interesting parts of my NFTE experience so far has been being able to host a variety of volunteers from both the corporate and the entrepreneurial world at my classroom sites. These volunteers come in for a variety of purpose. Some act as motivational speakers, sharing their own stories of trial and triumph, some act as coaches, helping students work on projects and business plans. Students, reticent though many may be to partake in class on an average day, generally perk up when volunteers come in. Suddenly, entrepreneurs become real people and having a career in business seems achievable. 

This is particularly true when volunteers really personalize their stories, telling how they got started and challenges that they faced. 

Yet in addition to all of the inspiration they provide to students, NFTE’s volunteers have unknowingly had an ancillary effect as well. I‘ve found that consistently being in the presence of such driven, successful, individuals has piqued my own interest in entrepreneurial endeavors.  So thanks, volunteers!  It turns out the spirit is catching!

Kate Materese is a program manager in the New York Metro office.

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