Attending NFTE University

September 13, 2012  |  0 comments

By Kate Materese

Hello again!

Carlos and I underwent training at NFTE U-- a warp speed experience that compressed what children in program classrooms across the country will learn through NFTE into a four day seminar for adults.  Teachers and program managers in attendance were asked to create business plans based on NFTE’s new business plan template for students.  We experienced some of the same breakthroughs and frustrations students will feel as we imagined ourselves as business owners attempting to craft our own start-ups.   For my project, I created a Website business called “Video UP.”  I got excited by the potential of my idea, but a little overwhelmed by the complicated process it would require to get the business underway.  Luckily, the experiential activities we had engaged in made writing the business plan itself a simple process.   I learned that planning a business isn’t all that difficult; rather, the complexity of your business can vary according to your preferred setup.

A second major takeaway I got from NFTE U is that the content we will be teaching children is rigorous—particularly the math.  Successful students must have a thorough understanding of not only basic math skills, but also of ratios and number relationships in order to complete their business plans.  This was daunting for teachers whose students struggle with basic arithmetic to consider.   Yet, while rigorous, NFTE’s content has absolutely been made accessible by the carefully tailored interactive learning experiences built into the curriculum.  I’m excited to get started and see students tackle these concepts firsthand.

More to come! 


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