Eduardo Saverin’s Take on the Importance of Entrepreneurship

November 10, 2010  |  3 comments

Recently Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, has had the extraordinary privilege of experiencing a portion of his life portrayed by Hollywood on the big screen in the film “The Social Network.”   Now only a select few can actually say that they’ve had the chance to see this, and many of those people seem to have mixed feelings about whether they were exhibited in the most accurate of lights. For Eduardo Saverin though, he tells in the article “Facebook Co-Founder Speaks Publicly: What I Learned From Watching ‘The Social Network’” that he wasn’t as caught up in the details of the story being told but rather with the creativity and entrepreneurship that is involved in today’s businesses.

He goes on to tell us how there are no longer any restrictions on who can and cannot become an entrepreneur in our economy. In the digital world, there is less of a dependency on startup capital and more importance is being placed on “intellectual capital” and creativity instead.  Now it still remains true that many will struggle with their business, but as any successful entrepreneur will tell you, in order to succeed one must put it all out on the line in order to overcome.

Be sure to read the whole article by Eduardo Saverin at, Facebook Co-Founder Speaks Publicly: What I Learned From Watching “The Social Network.”



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