Entrepreneurship: Education's Key Companion

November 5, 2010  |  1 comment

“A large segment of America is in the midst of an economic and education crisis that threatens to relegate a vast majority of our future generations to the front seat of the bus: the driver's seat.”

The Huffington Post recently published a compelling pieceabout the current education crisisin inner city communities in the US. Reporter Mike Greenspoke extensively with Amy Rosen, president and CEO of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, about the work NFTE is doing to inspire young people to stay in school, graduate, and forge new paths to success.  Read the full article: NFTE: Injecting Entrepreneurship into Inner City Education.

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1 Comment

I totally agree to the

I totally agree to the notion. Entrepreneurship is a very vital accelerator geared in keeping kids in school in every dimension.Not only,will it help them financially it will create a greater room for creativity and enthusiasm in the child's education it has so many benefits to the child's perspective that i suggest it should be included in every curriculum whether in high school and college

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