Face Your Customers & the Facts

January 4, 2012  |  5 comments

Customer feedback can be hard to take, but satisfied customers are the only ones who will return to do more business.  So how can you be sure they’ll be back to help your business thrive all year long?  Start by consistently and actively tracking customer satisfaction.  Most people aren’t inclined to reach out with a compliment.  Complaints on the other hand…

Ask customers about their experiences.  Surveys are a simple way to solicit feedback from a broad pool of customers.  The hard numbers can help you track overall customer satisfaction and experiences.  Some of the responses could prove tough, but they’ll give you an opportunity to improve business. 

Consider these topics when you solicit feedback:

·         Does your business offer all the products or services that customers need and expect?  The right product mix will draw customers back to spend more money.

·         Do customer service representatives know product details and provide appropriate customer care?  Personal attention can help overcome even the most generic online experience.

·         Does the competition do something better? If so, how and what are they doing that customers appreciate? 

For more ideas about soliciting customer feedback and ways to track your performance goals be sure to read “How Satisfied Are Your Customers?” by YoungEntrepreneur.com

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