Finding Freelancers

January 12, 2011  |  1 comment

So you’ve got your business up and running and you’re starting to realize that all the projects you’ve set out for yourself can’t be done by just one person.  Not to worry though, these days is very common (and very easy) to pick up part-timers and freelancers to help tackle some of these tasks you’ve set out for your business.  Here’s a list of just a few of the positions that you might need in order to accomplish some projects you don’t have time to do yourself.

  • Copywriter – Whether your company has its own blog or monthly newsletter, you might find yourself having trouble writing consistent content for it. In situations like this you’ll find it’s great to have a freelance writer that you can go to when you don’t have the time to write the material yourself.
  • Social Media Coordinator – Have you incorporated a social media strategy in your marketing plan but just don’t have the time to be on Facebook and Twitter all day? Having someone that you can use on a project by project basis for this is ideal because in the early development of your business it might not be necessary to have someone on staff full time to handle your social media campaigns.  
  • Web Developer – With some businesses your website might not be the main focus for selling your product or services. It is important though that you maintain a healthy web presence so that the people that don’t have the time to come see your products first-hand can still see them online.  In this case, you might find yourself needing someone that can periodically update your website for you and add new products to it as they become available.

These are only a couple of the freelancers that you should keep in your company address book so that you can call on them as projects begin to develop. Keep in mind though that it’s important to have more than one of each because not all freelancers specialize in all forms of their field (i.e. a web developer who’s proficient in HTML might not be in Flash). For more tips on who you should keep in your contacts list check out “5 Types of Freelancers You Need in Your Rolodex” by



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