Finding Time for Productivity

March 13, 2013  |  4 comments

By Derek Brown, NFTE Marketing & Communications

I don’t know about you but I can always use an extra five minutes to complete a task or even an hour to wrap up everything I set out to complete in a day-- including this post. 

How can you find time as an entrepreneur to be more productive? By design entrepreneurs have a plethora of roles to fulfill. What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast is a book I just read that has me constantly thinking about how I use my time. Specific changes to my routine haven’t become habit. However, I’m now constantly aware of how I use my time and that’s a start.

Laura Vanderkam, the author, says successful people are at their prime in the morning. Harnessing this power is what can drive your entire day. Take control instead of rolling over in bed, reading email, or losing yourself in a shower. Exercise, meditate or enjoy breakfast with your family are some of the suggested means to focus your priorities for the day.

“The best morning rituals are activities that, when practiced regularly, result in long-term benefits.”

Vanderkam uses scientific studies to make her point and real-life subjects who have improved their productivity. She also provides examples of über busy business types who use the morning to set the stage for their day with a combination of prayer, reading or fitness routines.

How can you improve your morning routine and become more productive through the day? For me, it’s less random browsing of the web. Try it out by tracking your time in the spreadsheet that’s available at on Laura Vanderkam’s website.

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