GCF: The Innovation Generation

January 26, 2012  |  42 comments

NFTE alumni Ariell Buckingham and Kyle Wong just returned from Saudi Arabia where they served as panelists at the Global Competitiveness Forum.  Both participated in the “Innovation to Generation” panel.

Ariell shared her experiences in a blog post.

Here is a summary:

The panel was amazing. So many people said we made the conference have a GREAT ending. After we were done, there was a line of people waiting to meet me-- mostly women. They told me how I enlightened them and also that I represented the women of Saudi Arabia.

Other panelists included Caspar Hobbs, CEO of Professional and Vocational Education at Pearson, Tammy Camp, Managing Partner at Camp International. Steven Gold, Senior Partner for Entrepreneurship at Babson College, moderated the discussion.

We changed the entire panel right before we went on stage and agreed to talk about youth entrepreneurship. Kyle, Tammy and I first told our stories.  Steve asked about “the disadvantages and advantages of being a youth entrepreneur to education and what can people do to reach this market.

I had the crowd laughing! Each person who came up to me said never to stop smiling and that I'm blessed. What they don't know????  I CANT STOP SMILING!  It's a blessing but also a curse.  But I told my story. I told the truth, and they loved it!  If you have seen me speak before, then maybe you know what they are talking about.  If you haven't then you’re missing out, and this is me not tooting my own horn.

When more and more people came up to me and said how I made them smile or how much I inspired them, I knew my job was accomplished.  All I wanted to do was share my story and hope they liked it and could learn something.  They even asked me to stay another night to speak at the university for women, but I couldn’t miss any more school.

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