Helping Others Who are 'Beating the Odds'

April 15, 2012  |  316 comments

Eddie Brown, recipient of NFTE’s 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presents his inspirational autobiography, Beating the Odds:  Eddie Brown’s Investing and Life Strategies.  

Beating the Odds details how Brown born to a 13 year old mother turn potential tragedy into triumph.  It chronicles the challenges he faced, the lessons he learned, and his rise in the financial industry while becoming a major philanthropist who serves those less fortunate.  He also shares six tiers of advice to help entrepreneurs achieve business success.

“The impressive performance of Eddie Brown and Brown Capital Management amply demonstrates why Ernst & Young puts such a high premium on supporting entrepreneurship.  You never know which businessperson may turn out to be the next Eddie Brown, someone who’s an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.”  -- James S. Turley, Chairman and CEO, Ernst & Young

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