Inspiring Creativity

March 23, 2011  |  0 comments

One of the many skills that entrepreneurs have is the ability to be very creative, which is how in many cases they became entrepreneurs to begin with. Now even though this is a truly valuable skill, it’s also important to know how to inspire creativity in others as well.

What we mean by this is that within your company you should always be trying to tap into your employees’ creative potential. By providing them with an environment that encourages them to express and share their ideas you will not only be letting them grow individually but helping the company grow as a whole. Here are a few suggestions on how you can promote creative thinking within your company:

  • Asking for ideas – Now this may seem like an obvious answer, but the key here is making sure you’re asking your workers in an encouraging way. One way to do this could be by having brainstorming sessions for projects with the entire company (everyone from the CEO to the secretary). You never know who might have the next big idea for your business.
  • Nurturing creativity – Encourage your employees to take time out of their daily schedule to pursue creative projects. By doing this you will allow them to explore new opportunities and grow into a more valuable worker for your business.
  • Be supportive, even during failure – Even if a new idea doesn’t work out as well as you planned, don’t punish the person who came up with it. By being supportive and telling them “to get back up on that horse,” you will be motivating them to come up with an even better next idea. As entrepreneurs, we all know that sometimes failure is part of the game.

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