Managing Your Online Rep

January 14, 2011  |  4 comments

In today’s business world, online reviews and “e-word of mouth” is something that all companies need to keep an eye on.  More than ever, people go online to research products and services before they will commit to making a purchase. So it’s important for you and your business to make sure you know what’s being said about your company’s products. Here are a few ways that you can monitor reviews about your business online and should help you stay on top of managing your reputation.

  • Online Alerts – A great way to keep an eye on what’s being said about your business on the internet is by receiving Google Alerts. This tool by Google allows you to receive notifications whenever the keywords of your choosing are posted to any websites online. So for example, if you tell Google to search for “Sample Business, Inc.” than you’ll receive an email from them whenever the words “Sample Business, Inc.” comes up in any reviews or articles online.
  • Social Media – In the social network arena things can get a little more complex when it comes to monitoring your online reputation.  Unfortunately there aren’t any Google Alerts that covers all the social media platforms, so you’ll need to check each one individually. On Facebook they now have what’s called “Interests” which tracks anytime that someone mentions a specific word or phrase in a Facebook post. Similarly on Twitter you can search for conversations that mention businesses’ through a @ or # tags.
  • Ranking – Your search engine ranking can also provide you with some insight on what people are saying about your business online.  It’s important to monitor what’s coming in as the top results when you do a search for your business or the products you sell. If one of the top search engine results is a bad review on one of your products then this could result in scaring away any new customers.

For more information on managing your online reputation be sure to read “Online Reputation Management Basics” by

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