Meet the winners of the 2013 World Series of Innovation

November 26, 2013  |  14 comments

Ready to meet this year's group of world-class innovators?

The votes are counted, and we’re proud to introduce you to the 2013 World Series of Innovation winners. See the winners and learn about their amazing and innovative ideas.

This year's challenge was the biggest and the best we've ever seen. Students from nine countries came up with more than 700 ideas for the challenges posed by our sponsors. Choosing the finalists was far from easy.

We received more votes than ever before and it was a close race in many categories -- our entire group of finalists couldn't have been more impressive.

Now take a look at the results and get to know the winners of the 2013 World Series of Innovation. And don’t forget to sign up for updates for the 2014 World Series! 

The grand prize winners for all of the categories include:
“40 Chances Food and Nutrition Solutions” sponsored by Howard G. Buffett Foundation:
Reducing Food Waste: Two Baskets from Stamford, CT
Nutritious Foods Schools: Good Eats from Philadelphia, PA
Nutritious Food Distribution Networks: Chiang Mai Connect from Chiang Mai, Thailand
Local Nutrition Through Local Production: Chiang Mai Connect from Chiang Mai, Thailand 
"Tablet/Smartphone Game Design” and Tablet/Smartphone App Design" categories, both sponsored Microsoft: 
People’s Choice: The Missing from Pleasonton, CA and CollaboratED from Stamford, CT
Adjudicator’s Choice: Eruditious from Silver Spring, MD and Approxinary from New York, NY
“Technology Sports” category sponsored by SAP: 
People’s Choice: Fandom from Vancouver, BC Canada
Adjudicator’s Choice: SAP Sharks from Lansdale, PA
“Literacy Game or App” category sponsored by Pitney Bowes Foundation:
People’s Choice and Adjudicator’s Choice: Word Avenger from Miami, FL
“Sparkling Beverage Marketing” category sponsored by Coca-Cola:
People’s Choice: Fruit Tablets from Miami, FL
Adjudicator’s Choice: Elixir-Beaniology from Richmond, BC Canada
“Community Committed & Job Fit” category sponsored by The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies:
People’s Choice: Your Hours from Miami Springs, FL
Adjudicator’s Choice: Daylight from Glasnevin, Ireland
“Replicable Business Design” category issued by NFTE in support of the Global Agenda Council on Youth Unemployment of the World Economic Forum: 
People’s Choice: IsePure All Natural Cologne from Grand Rapids, MI
Adjudicator’s Choice: Errand Runner from Washington, DC
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