NFTE Visits the Oval Office

October 13, 2010  |  2 comments
Nia Froome, Zermina Velic, Belma Ahmetovic, Crystal Vo, and Steven Gordon meeting President Obama

Yesterday might have been just a regular day for you or me but for five very talented kids it was a day that they will not soon forget.  This year’s four finalists of the 2010 OppenheimerFunds/NFTE National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge and the winner of the NFTE Elevator Pitch Challenge presented by E*TRADE Bank had the wonderful privilege of meeting President Obama in the Oval Office yesterday. President Obama offered his personal congratulations to all the NFTE students with their success, and took some time to talk to them about their ideas.

After talking to Steven Gordon, one of the students who met the President, he says there is only one way to describe the whole experience, “EPIC!”  To read more about the students’ meet and greet with President Obama check out the White House website.  Also be sure to tune in here for more posts straight from the students that met the President which we’ll be sharing in the coming weeks!

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