NYC GenTech students put their coding skills to work in AT&T's Internet of Things Hackathon

October 10, 2013  |  15 comments

NYC Generation Tech (GenTech) participated in AT&T's Internet of Things Hackathon on September 27 and 28. 25 GenTech students and 35 additional middle and high school students spent an intensive weekend working with developers to build mobile apps. The hackathon event brought students and tech professionals together to solve problems and create prototypes in a fun and stimulating work environment.

GenTech students put their coding skills to work as participants of the main hackathon event: Create Your World. The challenge was to create an app that involved an All-in-One PC (AIO PC) and mobile phones to build an interesting interactivity model. The event also had a specific focus on education – teams with education-related apps were eligible for additional prizes.

We are incredibly proud that our GenTech students were members of the three winning teams:

  • Direct2Me (1st Overall) is a web application that allows mall shoppers to conveniently get deals from their favorite stores on their mobile device. Through an interactive map on an AIO PC, shoppers scan a QR code, identify favorite stores, and select deals to be pushed to their phones. GenTech students, Timotius Sitorus and Daetuan Snagg, were members of Direct2Me
  • NYC Edventures(2nd Overall; 1st Education)is an app that uses geolocation to connect academic content to real-life material in an interactive game platform. The app streamlines the collection of content gathered on the web and at real-life sites to make for an easier and more efficient experience. GenTech students, John Bernagene, Fernando Flores Hernandez, and Anne Liang, were members of NYC Edventures
  • Word Nado (3rd Overall; 2nd Education)is a mobile game that is a variation of scrabble with major changes to game play, rules, and interface. The AIO PC acts as the game board and users send their word submissions from their mobile phones. GenTech students, Jayson Isaac and Anear Nahar, were members of Word Nado.

First place winner, Direct2Me, received over $4,000 in prizes, including a new Dell XPS AIO PC for each team member. AT&T and other major sponsors including Intel, Plantronics, and Pearson provided over $7,000 in prizes. Congratulations to all the participants!

Running alongside the main hacakthon event was the Student Lofi Hackathon. 35 students interested in programming learned how to prototype apps using, a cloud-based tool that offers an easy-to-use app builder platform and simple backend services. Encouraged to build products that address frustrations in their own lives, students created a variety of prototypes including an app that helps students organize their day around events, responsibilities, and transportation needs; and another that serves as a college guide, which integrates a map feature and reviews by college students themselves.

Next Sunday, October 20th, GenTech students will continue to hone their coding skills and work with developers at a Game Jam, a hackathon for making games, sponsored by TreSensa and Kik. We are so excited to see the products they create!

For more information about GenTech visit us at

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