Shadowing For A Day

June 17, 2011  |  6 comments

Malik McCaffity is 15 years old, and a 9th grader at New Hope Academy. He participated in the Choice Program's Entrepreneurship competition, where over the course of three months he learned how to launch his business idea. Day 'N' Night Clothing Design is an urban style clothing line where Malik applies his desire is to make males and females look fit and stylish from head to toe.  After months of hard work Malik was awarded 1st place in the Choice Program's Entrepreneurship competition; and even created a prototype T-shirt that he presented with his business plan.

Here at NFTE we are always delighted when our young entrepreneurs are able to have the opportunity to shadow some of top entrepreneurs out there.  Recently Mailk had the very special privilege of shadowing Daymond John, President and CEO of FUBU and star of ABC's Shark Tank.  Mr. John is working with NFTE in an initiative called the Generation E movement. Generation E looks to promote and instill the values of entrepreneurship by directly connecting young, promising students with leading executives to learn about the business world.

Here are a few photos of Malik with the team at Shark Branding, a consulting firm created by Daymond John to help companies with the marketing insights to become successful.   The firm consults companies on innovative strategies to connect with their consumers more effectively by associating with the world’s most influential celebrities, musicians, and personalities.

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