Shoestring Budgeting

March 21, 2011  |  2 comments

For many new entrepreneurs the goal when they start their business is to find ways to save money and keep expenses low in the beginning. Today we can find many great online resources for small business which are all being offered for free. Here are a few tips for free online resources which can help you stay under budget when you’re beginning your start up.

  • – This free online legal resource provides answers to many business-related legal questions when you may not be able to afford a lawyer. Their database of articles on small business (creating you LLC, etc.) can help you save money when looking for legal information for your new company.
  • Cut Out Traveling – You can cut down some of your travel expenses by conducting more meetings with clients and vendors online. If you have a regular reoccurring meeting with someone outside your office, consider using free video conferencing tools like Skype and TokBox as an alternative option.
  • Free Business Phone Number – Google Voice provides free phone numbers which can redirect calls to the phone number of your choice (i.e. cell phone, home phone, etc.). They also give you a voicemail service where you can listen to messages left for you online.
  • – provides free credit card readers that you plug into your iPhone, iPad, or Android. This simple reader can be a great addition to any small business and on average has cheaper transaction fees than other credit card readers out on the market.

For more great tips on how new businesses can cut costs read “10 Ways Your Small Business Can Save Money” by


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