Social Entrepreneurs: A Growing Breed?

January 18, 2012  |  1 comment

Social Entrepreneurs are in the spotlight a lot these days.  They value creating social solutions more than traditional profits.  Plus, it’s easier than ever with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for social entrepreneurs to target customers who share similar passions.   Are for-benefit companies the future, will they face issues competing with larger more traditional businesses, or is there room for all types of entrepreneurs in the marketplace?

More resources for social entrepreneurs are emerging, including Five Tools for Social Entrepreneurs from   One of the tools is the B-Lab, which lets you measure your social and environmental impact and find ways to improve your score. 

There’s also the Social Venture Network where they focus on connecting social entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Much of the content is available only to members.  However, the blog is a great resource for fresh, free content—including a current perspective on “The Common Good Enterprise, which is content rich, features a number of discussions and tools for people interested in or involved in social entrepreneurship.  One of the current discussions underway is about the possibility of social entrepreneurship actually breaking out and growing for the masses—is this even possible?  As noted in Bloomberg Businessweek and, at least the legal issues of social entrepreneurship are getting resolved.  New corporate structures are emerging to give social entrepreneurs the classification they need to bridge the gap from corporation to non-profit. 

So is social entrepreneurship the right track for you? Or is a traditional for-profit company a better route? Share your thoughts.

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