Weekly Tips: Learn Psychology, Lead Inclusively, Email within 12 Hours

September 4, 2015  |  0 comments
5 Ways to Be Entrepreneurial When You’re in College
Happy back to school! These thoughts starters from @KerryClose and Inc. will help you leverage your resources on campus to develop important entrepreneurial competencies. For instance, have you thought of taking a psychology class to help you learn how customers think?
How a Piano Lesson Inspired Entrepreneurship
And other tales of success from @nanxi_liu, Co-Founder and CEO of Enplug and Inc. “30 Under 30” honoree. One of our favorite takeaways: email within 12 hours of meeting a business ally.
Great Leaders Never Say These Things
Inspiring your people is a must. Avoiding these phrases, and attitudes, will help you and your team succeed.
U.S. Entrepreneurship Hits Record High Levels
We loved this finding: “Fear of failure, which measures one's willingness to take risks in starting a business, decreased to 30 percent from a high of 32 percent in 2012.” For a reminder of the strong entrepreneurship movement that you’re a part of, this study from @GEMNOW is an inspiring and informative read.
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