Weekly Tips: Move in the Morning, Read Over the Weekend, and Talk to Your Vendors

August 28, 2015  |  0 comments
Your First Thoughts and Movements of the Day Can Help You Achieve 
The morning is a great time to train your brain. These tips from @iamgrahamyoung and Entreprenuer are practical and insightful (and not necessarily obvious – have you ever thought of doing a little physical exercise while watching an image of something that you care about achieving, to get your nervous system and emotions working together to help you?). 
9 Tips for Negotiating with Key Vendors
@YEC interviews business and project leaders on how they build their relationships with talented vendors.
16 Ways Super Successful People Spend Their Weekends
This list from @LollyDaskal is as charming to read as it is helpful. What will you be doing this weekend?
The Key to Great Ideas: Lots of Bad Ones
We couldn’t resist one more from @LollyDaskal. This is such a helpful reminder to generate ideas in mass quantities if you want a strong result. Do you know that for a Pixar movie character design, it is common for 100+ different concept sketches to be made before the director decides on the appearance of that character?
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