Weekly Tips: Smile at Work, Pause during Speeches, and Sign Up for Birthday Lab

August 21, 2015  |  0 comments
Master Strategies for Public Speaking
Taken straight from the likes of Winston Churchill and Napoleon. Strategic silence, narrative arc, and movement are all analyzed and distilled into 8 very thoughtful tips in this piece from @FastCompany.
5 Free Apps for Fighting Forgetfulness
Say that three times fast and you’ll remember it. These apps will be even more helpful (I’m signing up for Birthday Lab now). 
4 Leadership Fundamentals that Every Entrepreneur Should Know
As you grow your team, remember to smile and communicate. These tips from @JeffBoss9 and Entrepreneur are good to keep top-of-mind.
And a July throw-back worth re-visiting in this back-to-schoolish season:
7 Schools to Consider for Continuing Your Entrepreneurship Education
From D.C. to Study.com, these options are worth a look if you are interested in continued study of entrepreneurship. We are particularly excited about Study.com, which offers free online entrepreneurship courses through seven universities.
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