Where the Jobs Are

August 3, 2012  |  0 comments

Where are new jobs coming from? NFTE supporter Ernst & Young knows: Entrepreneurs are driving 30% job growth at the more than 600 companies represented by E&Y’s 2012 US Entrepreneur Of The Year® program. That compares to negative overall U.S. job growth. Revenue growth is even greater at 48% compared to an American average of 5.6%.

Among the leading industries for growth are:

  • Energy, cleantech and natural resources
  • Technology
  • Services

What’s perhaps even better for the overall economy is the optimism of these entrepreneurs. “[They] are continuing to hire… Their confidence led the rate of employment growth among these companies to double between 2010-2011,” said Bryan Pearce, director of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year program for the Americas.

Discover the leading industries and opportunities for growth in your region.

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