Your Assignment: Grow the Global Economy

January 24, 2013  |  185 comments

“It is entrepreneurs who represent the best hope of creating sustained economic growth around the world. Students who can develop the entrepreneurial mindset early on are going to have a distinct advantage, whether economic conditions are weak or strong.”– MARIA PINELLI, GLOBAL VICE CHAIR,STRATEGIC GROWTH MARKETS, ERNST & YOUNG GLOBAL LTD. & CHAIRMAN, NFTE BOARD OF DIRECTORS

NFTE released a new white paper, “Your Assignment: Grow the Global Economy,” at the World Economic Forum 2013 annual meeting in Davos today. It outlines the rationale for expanding the outreach of entrepreneurship education to combat the trend of youth unemployment.

With this new paper, NFTE makes and important contribution to the growing global conversation, with ideas you can use to make a difference.

Visit the landing page for this paper, and read why entrepreneurship education for all youth can change the future.

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