Your Checklist to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

August 30, 2010  |  1 comment

Everyone is intimidated by the thought of setting out on your own, but things get a lot easier when you know how to get started. Being your own boss is only freeing once you set a direction for yourself and you start to follow it. You’d be surprised how quickly the business autopilot takes control.

We’ve got the secrets for you. Under 30 CEO has a To-Do List for new entrepreneurs. As blogger Diana Wright knows, the first step to success (of any kind!) is getting in the right frame of mind. Once you’re there, everything else comes naturally.

Be sure to take a look at her advice but summarized here for you is your checklist:
1.    Know what you want
2.    Turn your money worries into feelings of wealth
3.    Free capital is the result of hard work – so work for it!
4.    Remember to be charitable
5.    Set goals and standards for yourself – in stone.
6.    Don’t be shy! There are others like you and help can be found
7.    Smile. Breathe Deep. Achieve!

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