Daniel Blank
Bureau Blank
New York, NY
NFTE Class of 2004

Daniel Blank grew up in Northampton, Massachusetts, where he went to Northampton High School, but didn’t have the opportunity to take a NFTE course.  However, after attending a summer entrepreneurship program at Babson College, he was inspired to continue. 

“As long as I can remember I wanted to start my own business. I realized in high school that building strong brands was an area where creativity and business overlapped, so I took an internship at a small design firm,” says Daniel. He continued working in graphic design through college, while pursuing an undergraduate business degree from New York University’s Stern School of Business.  
Following graduation, Daniel continued building the small client base he had served as a freelance designer during school, and worked from his apartment to build the business. He entered a Business Plan Competition sponsored by NFTE, and used the BizTech program to help him start his new business, Bureau Blank.
Daniel says, “NFTE provided me with two really critical pieces. The first was the encouragement and support—starting my own business right out of school might have been too daunting a challenge on my own, something most would not seriously consider as a career path. But with the coaching and resources that NFTE provided, it felt like an attainable and realistic route to be taking. Second, NFTE provided me with a lot of structure.” 
“BizTech focused me on my business plan and asked the right questions to get me thinking and planning longer term. Especially because I started the business alone, NFTE was a place to get advice, a place to learn, and a place to get positive reinforcement. Peripherally, NFTE was also my first exposure to the non-profit sector, which later turned into one of Bureau Blank's largest client bases.”
Daniel currently still runs Bureau Blank in New York City with fourteen employees working for him. As for the future of his company, Daniel is very interested in global trends and the impact they have on quality of life in different parts of the world. He would like to continue work building communications tools for the people who are working to make society better.  He says, “within government, academia, infrastructure and non-profits we see the builders, thinkers, investors and policymakers who can really make a difference. I hope to continue to work with them on bringing big ideas and solutions to life.”