Lindy Carty’s mother runs a shop called Knit Fit that offers knitting and crafting classes to the public. Now, thanks to Lindy, it offers one more.

“I teach sewing to foster children. We also sell hand-made stuffed animals to the public to raise money for the foster system,” she explains. “I have always been involved in volunteering, and when I started with foster kids, I saw how different it was compared to the other places. The foster system was much worse.”

Lindy’s desire to help others began in her own family. “I have a sister who was born with cerebral palsy, so I have grown up seeing that there are people who are much less fortunate than myself. I have always wanted to make a difference in their lives.” Right now, her classes are for younger kids, but she wants to reach out to teens. “A lot of them are already taking care of their younger siblings or other people. It’s important for them to have a safe place to go with peers that’s fun.”

A resourceful student and natural leader, Lindy has long planned to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in San Francisco. She envisions a career in the field of product development and fashion, and she intends to travel the world, volunteering in third world countries.

Lindy’s passion for helping others combined with “so many ideas that could never fit in with other jobs” made her realize she has what it takes to be an entrepreneur. She is willing to spend any amount of time necessary to achieve her goal. “I want to raise enough money to improve the living conditions and lives of kids in the system. Some of them are really young—seven, eight years old—and they already know how to take care of themselves. It’s been rough seeing that. I want to give them their childhood back.”