As the world becomes more environmentally aware, consumers are growing more dependent on reusable water bottles.  For those who want flavored water, however, the options are still limited to commercially packaged beverages.  That’s where Juicy comes in, the innovative brainchild of Galit Tassi and Dvir Dvidovich.

Juicy is a series of tops that screw on to different types of water bottles, with a built in filter that flavors the water as you drink.  This keeps the water free of any one taste and allows you to keep changing the top and the flavor, thus avoiding the need to buy multiple bottles of flavored water.  Juicy is easy to carry, user-friendly, refreshing, and healthy.

The business is still in the planning stages, and once they finalize their prototype, Galit and Dvir know they will need to patent it.  Creating the prototype has proven challenging.  As Dvir points out, “It was very difficult, because our product requires technical knowledge of engineering and industry. In fact, we created a product that looks like the product we wanted to produce, and it was a challenge for me to have something tangible to see.”

Galit and Dvir are dedicated to preserving the environment, so every element of Juicy will be recyclable, from the plastic tops and bottles to the cardboard packaging.  They also intend to offer discounts for returned bottles and caps.

For Galit, NFTE made up for some of the disadvantages of growing up in Ramla, a small city on the periphery of Tel Aviv.  She believes NFTE has something to offer everyone. “You can express yourself no matter who you are, because NFTE empowers you,” she asserts. 

Future plans include establishing partnerships with Israel’s bottled drink companies, and marketing Juicy in supermarket chains and health clubs.  Both Galit and Dvir hope to attend Tel Aviv University.  Galit would like to work in either journalism or international relations, while Dvir envisions his future managing Juicy, the company they built together through NFTE.

"You have to believe that it’s the best idea ever, because if you don’t believe it, there’s no way you can make others believe it." Galit Tassi

“Take it easy, and be creative and confident in your business.” – Dvir Dvidovich