A Teach to Work Case Study: The Moody’s Analytics NFTE Internship Program

November 29, 2019
Teach to Work recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Moody’s Analytics, the financial services company, to learn more about an internship program launched this year in collaboration with NFTE. The Moody’s Analytics program offers valuable lessons for anyone looking to start a mentorship / youth internship program at their company.
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NFTE’s 2019 E2 Winning Business Venture Prize Awarded to Jasmine Benton, Founder of Precious Designs

October 21, 2019
In NFTE’s Entrepreneurship 2 (E2) advanced course, students deepen the development of their entrepreneurial mindset while refining their business models;...
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NFTE Holds 14th Annual National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

October 20, 2019
Every year the NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge brings together students in NFTE’s Entrepreneurship 1 programs to pitch their innovative business...
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NFTE Alum Isaiah Mon Desir, from Startup Tech Summer to NYU and Beyond

September 20, 2019
NYU student and NFTE NY Metro alum Isaiah Mon Desir is exploring his passion for computer science and cyber security....
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Meet the Entrepreneurs Competing at Nationals

September 17, 2019
On Wednesday, October 16, NFTE students from across the U.S. gather at TheTimesCenter in New York City for the final...
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From Side Hustle to CEO: NFTE Alum Ivellisse Morales Shares Her Bombilla Journey

September 4, 2019
It's been twelve years since Ivellisse Morales was a NFTE New England student on her way to the National Youth...
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