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Our Competitions

Competitive events that motivate and inspire are a cornerstone of the NFTE experience. Challenges such as business plan and pitch competitions drive students to refine their ideas and perfect their presentation skills as they vie for cash prizes—seed capital they can use to launch a business or pursue educational goals. NFTE programs give young people a chance to compete in two flagship competitions, the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge and the World Series of Innovation, as well as a variety of brainstorming and design thinking challenges offered throughout the year.


Every year, tens of thousands of young people across the country enter business plan and pitch competitions in NFTE classrooms and camps. Local winners qualify to compete at the regional level and the best advance to national competition, where the top competitors vie for seed capital.


The World Series of Innovation invites young people to think BIG. This annual ideation competition asks teams of young people from around the world to brainstorm ideas to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals, tackling some of the biggest challenges facing humanity today.

Watch some of the top student business pitches at Nationals