Welcome to NFTE Chicago’s Volunteer Homepage
We deliver entrepreneurship education at 31 schools in approximately 80 classes throughout Chicago. Volunteers provide valuable experiences and personal stories, and are business mentors to our students. Our volunteer-guided field trips to local businesses and class visits from businesspersons help students to connect their classroom learning to the world around them. 

Our volunteers

Our volunteers are diverse individuals—corporate executives at major national and international companies, entrepreneurs, young professionals, retired executives, and mid-level managers—who represent all aspects of business operations. They are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and helping students define their pathway to prosperity. Our volunteers have a direct and lasting influence on the personal and professional successes of our young people. 
Become a NFTE volunteer

As a volunteer, you can choose from several exciting volunteer opportunities that range from one-hour, one-day classroom options to multiple-days service with a school or class on a regular basis. Our program works with many corporations and associations to create team volunteer opportunities for community outreach programs. To find an opportunity that interests you and fits your schedule, review the brief descriptions of our four principle volunteer positions here.
Getting started as a NFTE Chicago volunteer is simple. Click the “new volunteer application” button and complete the application. You can also contact Erica Wheeler at ericaw@nfte.com or 773-546-9339 for more information about volunteering.

Our program model
Our program model is classroom-based with entrepreneurship curricula that teach math and literacy skills in the context of developing a business plan. Programs are rigorous, experiential, and vital to students’ futures, and volunteers from local businesses share their expertise in our classrooms. 
Our program model is innovative and relevant, and it inspires students. It teaches them the necessary presentation, leadership, and problem-solving skills for continuing their education and contributing to the economy by either running their own businesses or joining the workforce. The strong financial literacy skills that students learn help them to make and manage money.
At the end of the course, students have a chance to compete for seed money through a series of business plan competitions that progress from their classroom, to Chicago citywide, to NFTE’s national competition held in New York City. Watch the short video What We Do: A Look into NFTE Chicago to get a peek inside NFTE Chicago!

Our student participants
Our students come from low-income communities throughout the nation, which are often rife with crime, violence, and high-dropout rates. However, our entrepreneurship education program gives students hope and helps them improve their lives. We motivate students to stay in school and learn. When students realize how math, reading, and communication skills can make or break their own entrepreneurial venture, their vision of the world changes. They learn to recognize the opportunities for success all around them.