Welcome to NFTE New York Metro’s Volunteer Homepage
Since 1987, NFTE New York Metro has served over 40,000 students. This year, we will deliver entrepreneurship education to over 2,100 students in nearly 30 public schools located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. We also support an active group of 33 Certified Entrepreneurship Teachers (CETs) that teaches NFTE’s high school entrepreneurship program or middle school Exploring Careers program to students.

Our volunteers
Our more than 350 volunteers are entrepreneurs and business professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. These dedicated individuals expose NFTE students to different industries by connecting classroom learning to real-life business operations. Our volunteers’ efforts have a direct and lasting influence on the personal and professional successes of our young people.

Volunteer Orientation

Become a NFTE volunteer
By lending your talent and time, you can present new perspectives on the NFTE curricula to students. We have several exciting volunteer opportunities available that range from one-hour, one-day classroom options to ongoing, multiple-days support roles. As a volunteer, you can select the opportunities that suit your schedule and interest. 
As a volunteer, you receive the training, support, and guidance necessary to fulfill your assignment successfully, and gain exclusive access to our volunteer resources. Our program manager and staff are available to help you do the best job you can with our students. Take a moment to view NFTE’s principal volunteer positions here and our program office’s available opportunities here.
Are you ready to join us as a volunteer? We hope you are. The process is clear and simple. Click the “new volunteer application” button and complete the application and necessary forms. Contact Liliana Pichardo, Lead Program Associate, at Liliana.Pichardo@nfte.com for more information about volunteering.
Our program model
Our program model is a classroom-based, entrepreneurship curriculum that teaches math and literacy skills in the context of developing and presenting a business plan as an end-of-course deliverable. We teach the NFTE curriculum in entrepreneurship classes or integrated into other classes. 
Programs are rigorous, experiential, and vital to the development of creative- and critical-thinking skills and innovation. We have class visits from volunteers working in diverse industries across the NY Metro region, who share their expertise with the students and bridge the gap between theoretical learning and real-life business practices. 
At the end of the course, NFTE students have a chance to compete for seed money through a series of business plan competitions that progress from the classroom, to the regional level, and end at the national level. In addition to the core program model, we offer two advanced entrepreneurship programs: NYC Generation Tech and Startup Summer during the summer months for high-achieving students who hope to take their entrepreneurial knowledge to the next level.  

Our student participants
Our students come from low-income communities throughout the nation, which are often rife with crime, violence, and high-dropout rates. However, our entrepreneurship education program gives students hope and helps them improve their lives. We motivate students to stay in school and learn. When students realize how math, reading, and communication skills can make or break their own entrepreneurial venture, their vision of the world changes. They learn to recognize the opportunities for success all around them.
They graduate with the necessary presentation, leadership, and problem-solving skills for continuing their education and contributing to the economy by either running their own businesses or joining the workforce. The strong financial literacy skills that students learn help them to make and manage money.