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Mathew’s Story

Life-changing: how entrepreneurship education engaged a young man who felt his school had failed him.

  • Mathew developed a “personal brand” and a street fashion business that earned him over $25,000 a year while still in high school.
  • He says NFTE brought relevance to a “broken” school system, gave him a love of learning, and made him confident that anything is possible.
  • Now in college, he’s working as a data analyst and smalll business consultant while also running his company and continuing to expand his brand.

When Mathew found the NFTE class offered at his school, he was intrigued. Particularly when he found out that NFTE was endorsed by one of his heroes: Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy. Inspired by what he learned Mathew developed a personal lifestyle brand – Lottaworldwide – that gained a sizable following and earned him over $25,000 a year in his first year.

Mathew says his first NFTE class was a life-changing moment for him in a number of ways. He describes it as a dramatic confidence builder, engendering in him a fearlessness and a sense that anything is possible for anyone willing to do the work.

One of the most transformational aspects of the experience? He says it was that “everyone I met through NFTE believed in me. I had already started running my business but NFTE gave me a different trajectory. It showed me I could be so much bigger.” Understanding the fundamentals of pitching a business was a vital skill for him to learn, and it was with NFTE that he did so. That has made all the difference. In addition,a NFTE program director in the Bay Area became Mathew’s mentor. He took him under his wing, connecting him many wonderful internship opportunities and introducing him to many well-connected individuals who have helped take Mathew to new levels.

Moreover, Mathew says, it was through NFTE that he developed a love of learning. Before getting involved with the program Mathew had always felt the school system he was in was broken, that it was failing him and his peers because what they were being taught did not seem relevant. NFTE entrepreneurship brought that relevance and real-world perspective that had been missing into the classroom and, in doing so, ignited Mathew’s curiosity. He realized the value of what he was learning and became hungry for more.

Mathew has gone on to attend San Francisco State University. While completing his degree he’s also working as a Data Analyst for Docusign and as a small business consultant. Of course, he continues to run Lotta Worldwide, too. “I am passionate about owning my future,” he says. “I’ve read that to be a millionaire you need seven revenue streams and I am well on my way!”

“Everyone I met through NFTE believed in me. I had already started running my business but NFTE gave me a different trajectory. It showed me I could be so much bigger.” — Mathew Galvez

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