The Honest Guide to Doing Business Differently - and Succeeding


Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff, co-founders of Honest Tea, are partnering with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship to bring the book they wish they had when they started Honest Tea to help the next generation of entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

In an innovative graphic book format, Seth and Barry tell the engaging story of how they created and built the mission-driven business, offering a wealth of insights and advice to anyone starting or growing a business, would-be entrepreneurs, and millions of Honest Tea drinkers.

WHY ORDER NOW?  Because with the special code below, you can send a donation to NFTE directly as a result of pre-ordering this book!  Order more than one and give them to your favorite young entrepreneurs or donate them directly to NFTE for use in teaching programs in deserving schools and neighborhoods.

Go to to order your books today. Enter "NFTE" during check out for the donation, and if you are one of the first thousand people to order you will also receive a one-of-a-kind Honest t-shirt.


Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff created Honest Tea in 1998.  In Mission in a Bottle, they describe their many missteps and occasional wins as they gradually built up their business, expanded their lines of distribution, experimented with product innovations, labels, and packaging, grappled with the manufacturing process, and extended their product line, all the while remaining true to their message and their mission, and building the world's best-selling organic bottled tea.